Difference between Running Shoes & Walking Shoes

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Buying the wrong kind of footwear is something that a huge number of individuals regularly do, or have done. Using walking shoes for running and jogging or vice versa, often results in the person developing heel pain, back pain, or other leg or back-related injuries.
This is the purpose why you should be very particular and careful about selecting the appropriate shoes for your training action. In the following segments of this article, we will have a look at the distinction between strolling and athletic footwear. Reading it could help you in selecting the right footwear in future.

The Difference
Here are some rather recognizable variations between the two kinds of shoes:

Traditionally, strolling footwear are available in white-colored (or in colors of white-colored and light red in situation of women’s shoes). Shoes and shoes, on the other hand, are often seen in lots of fancy colors and mixed colors.

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